Italian food in Miami: Osteria Baiocco!

In Miami there are also many culinary opportunities. Love for cooking, love for good products and the pleasure of satisfying and surprising their guests. And often we are looking for a good Italian Miami restaurant that meets a high standard of quality. Loved all over the world, the best Miami Italian restaurant can not miss in any big city like this. In places like Miami where the sea is, people tend to keep us more to the line and that’s why we find a great Italian Miami restaurant.

Osteria Baiocco awaits you in the sunny and lively Miami, on the famous Biscayne Boulevard, at the level of the eclectic and creative MiMo district. The restyling of the Italian restauranst Miami wanted to enhance the original structure, one of the oldest in Miami, but introducing typical elements of the Italian tavern: a style in line with the tradition of the ancient shops spread throughout central Italy. When the weather permits, it is possible to have lunch or dinner outdoors, thanks to the terrace on which the large French windows of the Miami Italian restaurant open.

The love for the popular tradition of Central Italy, moreover, is also reflected in the choice of the name. The Baiocco, Miami’s best Italian restaurant in fact, was an ancient silver coin that remained so dear to the popular Roman culture that it was used in the jargon until the 1960s, to indicate the wealth in the abstract or to express the price of a product or a professional service.

There is no place in the world where the Italian restaurant Miami is not appreciated. The dishes proposed by the Italian restaurant Miami are the classics of Roman cuisine, such as amatriciana, gricia, carbonara and cacio e pepe, the tradition of the Tuscan provinces that also draws from Tuscia Lazio, the strong and decided flavors of Umbria. A good, in short, to be exported. The flavors, colors, the tradition of our food and the accurate preparations made by the expert hands of our chefs make everyone envy.